Bohemian Shabby Chic Home Decoration Ideas

Saturday, November 10th 2012. | Decorating

Shabby, ragged, tattered, and grungy, all are getting trendier since the bohemian lifestyle became the rage in the 80s and 90s. And these days, recycling old furniture and fabrics, or using vintage, used or somewhat threadbare items in room decorating is an important aspect of creating the shabby chic look and was especially even more popular with modern Bohemians

The idea of having shabby chic home décor is to bring our personal touch and taste into the room, where there are no certain rules to follow. It is basically all about finding and collecting everything that are chic and unique enough for our style, including crafty patchwork, hand-painted furniture or any other one-of-a-kind finds, perfect to personify our imagination.

As for bohemian vibe, this style describes everything about our fantastical and appealing imagination, as we may fill the interior with something eclectic, magical and charming by using our craziest, yet very imaginative creativity. If decorating is all about looking good, so the bohemian shabby chic style is actually looking good the ugly way, meaning that you may find the eccentricity is enough to make this theme attractive.

By combining these two styles, comfort is the key and fun is in mind. Bold colors, loud prints, conspicuous furnishings and perhaps branches for flowers are all about artistic beauty, and certainly we are allowed to custom our furniture and room accessories, making them into various vintage, antique, and classic inspired items, as well promising that there are just more of everything in our rooms: more texture, more layers, more details and especially, more color.

The inspiration of this room décor can be from many styles, started from the original shabby chic vibe, to the effortless bohemian gypsy-den air, or even from vintage, burlesque, and retro touch, from Colonial English, American Country, and French Provincial inspired décor, as well as various Asian Oriental and Indian nuance, all are great simply because these kinds of home décor inspirations mostly lend itself very well to the maximalist bohemian shabby interiors.

All in all, in order to have these all combination of bohemian shabby chic styles, being dramatic, free, and daring are essential in room decorating to encapsulate the feel. And if you think that you are a fun-loving, liberated and artistic person who doesn’t really stick to society’s convention, you are totally fit with these styles. Find various bohemian shabby chic home decoration ideas from the gallery for more inspiration. Happy Decorating!!

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