Room Decoration Ideas Using Old Wooden Crates

Friday, October 12th 2012. | Accessories, Green

Learn how to decorate your home by reusing an old wooden crate to leave the environment with a sustainable and modern touch by simply releasing the creativity and using them without spending a lot.

You are probably familiar with those wooden crates for carrying fruits, vegetables and other foods and products to the supermarket, and we can have them free. And with some creativity you can reuse these boxes and turn them into beautiful decorative items to make your home stylish.

With some simple crates, you can also escape from the ordinary decoration, promising you to create shelves, tables, cabinets, boxes, organizers, booth seating and even flowerpots. Most importantly, the big advantage of using the wooden boxes in room decoration is in the economical and sustainable aspect, since you can customize it at home according to your taste.

Furthermore, these wooden crates can also decorate any place in the house, starting from the living room, to bedroom, to kitchen, bathroom and even to the garden. They can usually be accommodated on the floor or hung on the wall.

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There are no rules in choosing the type of box you want to fashion. It can be all sizes from small, to medium, to large. It depends on your taste and how you will use your imagination to the environment. The crates can be found with materials such as wood or MDF type of pinus, which is more resistant. Both may be, in most cases, donated in fairs and markets or by a custom logger.

The only recommendation made to purchase these crates is to let them free of splinters that can hurt or ruin floors and fabrics. Paint the wood or try other customization, and if the bolts are loose, it is necessary to make repairs to prevent the crate disassemble over time.

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How to decorate your room with wooden crates?

For a more discreet decoration, choose customized wooden crates in neutral hues with the same raw material. Use only with lacquer finish and give up the work to someone who knows how to build furniture. If the intention is to give a cleaner appearance, use white paint on crates.

As for vibrant colors, the colors can make the entire decoration more interesting that can highlight the environment, especially when the environment is too plain that need more colors in it, even itâ??s worth doing a mix of different colors for even more daring look.

The fashionable prints can also be applied in wooden crates, either through cloth, paper or collage of images from magazines or newspapers. Simply choose the illustration you prefer and drop the creativity to create a unique crate.

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Wooden Furniture

To transform the wooden crates into armchairs or sofa, it is recommended that the material is resistant – preferably pine – well preached and that has a seat customized the way you like with the exact measurements of the box. To make tables, you have to add a plug of glass or other material above the crates, and ensure that the piece is even more modern. Both for seats or coffee tables, you can add casters to transport the boxes to any corner of the mobile home.

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To create bookcases, cabinets, dressers and tables with wooden crates is not too difficult, just paint as you want and then stack the boxes one to another and preach or apply wood super glue. Have the boxes mounted like cabinets, use piece of wood that are cut correctly to be transformed into doors and drawers, or even leave the simple boxes with fair face. To give more support and leave the mobile louder, just add little feet.

Transforming the crates in niche gives more grace to the environment, but it takes just a little attention to put them on the wall. Boxes can be applied as desired: aligned, disproportionate, all together pretending to be a bookshelf or even scattered through space.

These bookshelves are great idea to be hung in classrooms, offices, bedrooms and bathrooms to make them into door-books, magazines, embellishments or even for storing bath towels, beauty products and whatever else you want.

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