Traditional Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas and Inspirations

Monday, December 17th 2012. | Decorating

What is Christmas without a Christmas tree, no matter how busy we are, a Christmas tree has always been a must-have element for the special day of Christmas. And if you donâ??t have enough time to decorate your house as well as your Christmas tree, there are still a few suggestions for decorating the Christmas tree in a traditional way.

Additionally, this traditional styled decorating will be a very good idea since traditional décor is among the highest trend of the year, featuring the come back of red and white colors, along with the simplicity replacing the overwhelmed, crowded accessories.

Letâ??s see how to decorate a traditional Christmas tree.
The first and most essential element in traditional Christmas tree decorating is the lighting, meaning that a Christmas tree should be very cheerful and festive. And in order to achieve the goal, some modern lights like LED are fully recommended, which although these lights do not have anything traditional, but the advantages of using LED will totally bring much benefits to you.

LED Christmas LightsLED Christmas Lights

Most importantly, the LED offers a very vivid light that gives much prominence to your tree, not to mention, this light will also give more volume and relief to small tree. So, although we are using a modern element to create a traditional tree, the result is undoubtedly much better.

The second element in tree decorating is the colors of our tree. The traditional colors of Christmas are red and white, while the tree itself mostly comes in green colors, and golden shades also come to represent lights and shines. So these are the colors that reign in our family tree, and you may put mostly red balls or other decorations in red and white combination, golden accessories and green colored tree.

Vintage Christmas Tree Decorations

Vintage Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas Tree Star Topper

Christmas Tree Star Topper

The next element is to give a traditional touch in our tree, meaning you can use various retro decorations, which, of course, come in red and white combination. Moreover, our traditional tree will also need the Christmas star. Put the star in the end and make sure it can crown the glowing vibe of the tree. In this case, the golden star does a better contrast and therefore stands out even more.

Last but not least, is the most forgotten and neglected element in tree decorating, which is the foot or the bottom area of the tree. Never forget to put more attention to this area, because although it seems a small detail, it is actually important and worth decorating. Place some old and fine fabrics, Christmas stockings, empty gifts, or even some chandeliers, which all of them can be very good for the foot of the tree.

Red and White Christmas Tree Decorations

Red and White Christmas Tree Decorations

Check the gallery for more inspiration of the traditional Christmas tree decorations, as well as, if you insist on having a modern Christmas tree in colorful designs, forms, and tones, there are also plenty of inspirations for you to try. Happy decorating â?¦

White Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

White Christmas Tree Decorating 

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas with Ribbon

Christmas Tree Decorating with Ribbon

Pearly Decoration Tabletop Christmas Tree

Pearly Decoration Tabletop Christmas Tree

Fully Loaded Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Fully Loaded Christmas Tree

Unshaped Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Unshaped Christmas Tree

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